Where Can I Go to School to Become a Certified Fitness Trainer in Michigan?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) (ACSM)

Similarly, How do you become a certified personal trainer?

Personal trainers must finish an industry-recognized course with CIMSPA and REPs certification, as well as accreditation and endorsement from an awarding authority, such as the NCFE. A level 3 certificate in personal training is the industry standard qualification.

Also, it is asked, How long is a fitness instructor course?

It usually takes three to six months to finish, but the main draw of this course is that you have up to three years to complete it! Not only that, but with an online course, you have total control over your start and completion dates, as well as when you study! .

Secondly, How do I start a fitness training career?

This is how. Begin coaching right away. You don’t have to do anything special right away. Obtain certification. Start earning your qualifications while you’re coaching. Develop into a “whole” fitness expert. Learn how to coach real-life situations. Take some business classes. A profession dedicated to growth and learning.

Also, Is personal training a good career?

Personal training is an excellent career choice if you’re enthusiastic about health and fitness and helping others. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for personal trainers is $38,160, and demand is predicted to rise by roughly 8%.

People also ask, How much do PT make?

Unsurprisingly, there are a variety of Personal Trainer employment in the UK, as well as a variety of personal trainer incomes to match. In a city like London, a PT might expect to earn anything from £13,500 part-time to £65,000 full-time.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I become a personal trainer in Michigan?

A four-year degree in kinesiology, sports medicine, or a similar discipline is required, as well as at least two years of experience as a Life Time Personal Trainer, two approved personal trainer certificates, and one year of supervisory experience.

Is it worth getting a personal trainer certification?

Career Opportunities Following Certification On average, professional personal trainers earn between $39,000 and $49,000 a year. However, there are specialists in this industry that make upwards of $200,000 each year.

Do personal trainers make good money?

Yes, you can make a lot of money as a personal trainer. Even entry-level personal trainers may earn up to $25 per hour, with professional trainers earning up to $100 per hour.

What classes can you teach with exercise to music qualification?

Group exercise for teaching Aerobics, strength and conditioning, sculpting and toning, flexibility, and relaxation and well-being are all popular class choices. Our exercising to music credentials also allow you to teach pre-choreographed group fitness courses like Zumba and Les Mills.

How long does it take to become a Level 3 personal trainer?

From six weeks to six months

What is a Level 2 Certificate in fitness Instructing?

The goal of this Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing award is to prepare learners to be professional fitness instructors who can prescribe, design, and administer safe and effective exercise programs in a gym or health club setting.

How can I become a personal trainer without a degree?

A college diploma is not required to become a successful personal trainer. Personal trainer certification is all you need to begin your new career as a personal trainer. A high school diploma or equivalent is required for most personal trainer certification courses.

Can I become a personal trainer at 40?

We’ve heard a lot of individuals ask, “Am I too old to be a personal trainer?” and provide a lot of reasons why they believe it’s too late for them to become certified. There are no age restrictions for personal trainers. The fitness business, in reality, needs greater diversity!

Why do personal trainers quit?

I left my job as a personal trainer for three reasons: money, disenchantment, and advancement in my profession. Thousands of other personal trainers have also left the field for the same reasons. They can’t make enough money, have lost trust in their work, and don’t view it as a long-term profession.

What other jobs can a personal trainer get?

Consider These 7 Personal Trainer Alternative Jobs Instructor of Group Exercises. Fitness experts that are certified, motivated, and passionate are constantly needed to teach groups and courses in gyms. Coach for health, wellness, and nutrition. Gym Director. Sales. Fitness Journalist. Model for fitness. Developer of workouts.

What GRE score do I need for PT school?

Most PT school admissions committees utilize GRE scores to weed out the worst candidates. We can readily determine from the statistics above that a 155+ Verbal, 155+ Quantitative, and a 4.0+ on essay writing is regarded a competitive score for Physical Therapy (PT) schools.

How much do personal shoppers make?

In the United States, the average compensation for a personal shopper is $43,126 per year.

How much does the ACE exam cost?

Computer-Aided Design Computer-Aided Design (International) First Time PTGFI$499$249 ACE Certification$249$1992nd Retake$249$199 ACE Certified Professional$199$1991 additional row

Which personal training certification is the easiest to get?

The American Council on Exercise credential, sometimes known as the ACE Certification, is the most straightforward personal trainer certification to get. This sort of certification may be earned in 3 to 6 months in most states, depending on how quickly you work. After that, you must prepare for and pass a test.

How much do gyms charge personal trainers?

Personal trainers in London charge about £50 per session on average, while those outside the city charge around £30-£40. Trainers with more knowledge or expertise might charge up to £80 per hour.

Is 50 too old to become a personal trainer?

“Is it too late for me to become a personal trainer?” You can never be too old to begin a fitness regimen, and the same can be said for becoming a personal trainer. I’d argue there’s no limit since NFPT has an active and qualified 82-year-old trainer!

What qualifications do you need to teach Zumba?

You’ll be happy to learn that none of the Zumba fitness certifications featured in this post include any fitness education requirements. However, you must be at least 18 years old to teach Jump Start Gold programs, and you must join the Zumba Instructor Network to teach Gold sessions.

How hard is a PT course?

It is not difficult to become a personal trainer. All you have to do is be ready to devote some time and effort to learning the different personal training techniques and putting them into practice in a gym. You’ll discover how to approach the learning process and the steps to take to make it easier.

Can you do a PT course online?

Online PT Certification We understand that everyone is unique, which is why OriGym is delighted to offer personal trainer courses online via our multi-award-winning e-learning platform, the “Student Zone,” which is particularly created to help you reach your professional objectives while working remotely.

What is the highest level of personal trainer certification?

The highest degree of personal training certification, according to official REPs guidelines, is level 4.

How long does it take to become a Level 2 gym instructor?

It will take two weeks in the classroom to qualify for one of our full-time personal training courses. When studying for the Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing at home, we found that the qualification takes around six weeks on average.

What is Active IQ Level 3?

Level 3 Award in Conditioning for Exercise and Sports Performance from Active IQ. This certificate equips students with the information and abilities needed to design and teach sports conditioning programs aimed at improving exercise and athletic performance.

How long is a Level 2 gym instructor course?

Approximately 6-8 weeks

Can you work in a gym without qualifications?

A minimal qualification requirement to work as a fitness teacher is often enforced by gyms. As a result, if you lack this certification, your work possibilities may be restricted. Furthermore, your customers may inquire about your credentials, and if you do not have any, they may search elsewhere.


Michigan is one of the best states to become a personal trainer in. There are many opportunities for people who are interested in becoming certified fitness trainers.

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