What App Is Good to Track Workouts at.planet Fitness?


Similarly, How do I track my workout at Planet Fitness?

The new PF Mobile App still offers the option to log exercises. To choose a workout from the list and provide the necessary details, click “Add Activity” at the bottom of the screen. The length and intensity of the activity serve as the basis for the activity tracking function.

Also, it is asked, Is there a Planet Fitness watch app?

The gym in your pocket, the Planet Fitness app, is yours to use. With exercises and features for everyone, the FREE PF App lets you take the Judgement Free Zone® everywhere.

Secondly, What is the best app to track your workouts?

Ten Fitness Apps to Maintain Your Workout Schedule on iOS and Android iOS, Android, and Nike+. Android and Google Fit. Android, iOS, and MapMyFitness. Android, iOS, and MyFitnessPal. Android, iOS, and Fitnet. StrongLifts for iOS, Android, and 5x5. Android and iOS versions of Zombies, Run!

Also, Can I use my iFit at Planet Fitness?

The new set of exercises developed by iFit and Planet Fitness as a result of this partnership are only accessible via the Planet Fitness app and include bodyweight cardio workouts, bodyweight strength workouts, and dumbbell strength workouts.

People also ask, Can I use my Apple Watch to check in at Planet Fitness?

Digital Keytag: Use your digital keytag to check in quickly and easily at your Planet Fitness without making unwanted physical contact by using the app or your Apple Watch.

Related Questions and Answers

Can I sync my Fitbit to Planet Fitness?

You may access a list of connected applications by opening the Planet Fitness app, tapping the plus symbol, and then selecting Connected Apps. The second item from the top should be Fitbit. Click it, log in online, provide the app access, and presto!

Is the black card at Planet Fitness worth it?

Because you receive access to the sauna/spa facilities and $1 water bottles (which add up over time), I believe the black card is worthwhile. Just that makes it worthwhile. The majority of them offer luxurious massage chairs, which are excellent for soothing tired muscles and backs after exercise.

Is Planet Fitness crowd meter accurate?

The Crowd Meter just displays capacity; it does not reflect if a specific area of the gym (such as the treadmills) is busier. Reviews on Reddit claim that there have also been differences in how accurate the feature has been. Some allege the software portrays the gym as crowded even when it is not in order to deter people from going there.

How do I connect my Planet Fitness app to Apple Health?

How to Use Apple Health to Connect Fitness Apps Launch the Lose It! app, then choose: identity button (top-right) ‘Steps from iPhone’ should be selected under Automatic Tracking. Choose “Connect Through Apple Health”

Can you use your phone as a fitness tracker?

MyFitnessPal is a mobile app and website that you can use for free on Android and Apple devices to keep track of the food you consume, how much you eat, and how many calories you burn when exercising. It gets a large tick since it’s straightforward and efficient. Users of iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices may download the Jawbone Up app for free.

Is the Planet Fitness app worth it?

Beginners and others who are unsure about where to begin their fitness journey can use this app. The gym and the app are reasonably priced, feature a lot of equipment and programs that can get you started, and even guarantee “A Judgement Free Zone” environment at all locations.

Is the iFIT app free?

A 30-day trial of the iFIT app is available when downloaded. then continue for as little as $15 each month. Cancel at any moment.

Are there any free workouts on iFIT?

To encourage everyone out there who is now in need of a little additional support with their health and fitness development, the brand-new interactive virtual training environment, iFit®, has opened its doors and provided free access to their new exercise library for 30 days.

How do I add Planet Fitness to my Apple wallet?

Regarding This Article Activate Apple Wallet. Click on Edit Passes. Select Scan Code. Take a photo of your card’s bar code. If you see Add to Apple Wallet or Add., choose it.

How do I sync my Fitbit to MyFitnessPal?

Through the MFP app, link your Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. The MyFitnessPal app should now be open. On iOS, tap the More button at the bottom. On Android, tap the Menu button in the upper-left corner. Pick Devices & Apps. Scroll down and choose Fitbit Tracker under “All Apps.” Click Connect.

How do I connect Fitbit to Health app?

How to Connect a Fitbit to an iPhone and Apple Health Download the Sync Solver for Fitbit app from the App Store. Tap Sync Now after launching the Sync Solver app. When a notice appears, choose Continue. Open your health app and choose Turn on All Categories. You will then be sent to Fitbit.com via the app. Register an account.

Can guest use HydroMassage?

Visitors are only permitted to utilize the exercise equipment; they are not permitted to use the hydromassage chairs, tanning beds, or any other Planet Fitness services, such as haircuts. The visitor must be at least 18 years old and provide an ID in order to be registered.

What are the cons of Planet Fitness?

Let’s now examine more closely at the fees and features, as well as the benefits and drawbacks, of joining Planet Fitness. ProsCons Monthly dues begin at $10 for membership. Heavy free weights and a lack of barbells No meatheads are permitted; beginner-friendly! No sauna, hot tub, or pool A further row.

Is Planet Fitness good for weight lifting?

A Planet Fitness membership is not necessary unless you are just starting out. Powerlifters, CrossFitters, and anybody with more than 3-6 months of training experience shouldn’t use this gym. It has stringent restrictions on lifting weights and is lacking in fundamental items of strength equipment.

What is the slowest time at Planet Fitness?

Fitbit data shows that between 5 and 6 and 7 and 8 in the morning, gyms are less crowded. Once you complete that morning exercise, you’ll feel successful and prepared to take on the rest of the day. You won’t have to worry about fitting in a workout, worry about finding the time, or having it put on hold when something comes up.

What are the busiest hours at Planet Fitness?

According to Becky Zirlen, director of public relations for Planet Fitness, “peak times tend to be early in the week coming off the weekend and before and after work hours. While many locations are open and staffed 24 hours a day, five days a week to meet our members’ needs regardless of their schedules.

How do you read the crowd meter on the Planet Fitness App?

Before you enter, check the attendance at the club! To see the membership count, just launch the PF App and hit Crowd Meter.

What is iFIT coach?

You can get the greatest personal training at home with iFIT Coach. You will get access to the following as part of your fitness experience: Individual instruction from top trainers. Interactive instruction that includes machine adjustment automatically. worldwide exercises seen on video in popular tourist destinations.

How do I add iFIT to Apple Health?

How to link your Garmin Connect and iFIT accounts: Start the iFIT app on your Android or iPhone. To open the menu, press the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner. Then, hit Settings. Navigate to Connected Apps in Settings. Choose Garmin Connect from the list of connected apps, then touch Connect.

Do you need a smartphone for a fitness tracker?

I don’t have a smartphone, can I still use a fitness tracker? Yes. Numerous fitness trackers may be utilized without a smartphone. Smartphones and other mobile devices often include useful features for setting up settings and tracking workouts.

Is Fitbit or iPhone more accurate?

According to a new research, your smartphone can monitor your health equally as well as a wrist-worn gadget. Unfortunately, there are errors in the research.

What is the best fitness app for iPhone?

The top fitness apps available today Apple Health Plus The top fitness app for Apple Watch and iPhone users. Nike Fitness Club The best fitness app for unpaid exercises. Peloton. The best fitness app for users of treadmills and exercise bikes. Sweat. The best fitness app for ladies. Centr. The best fitness app for guys. Strava. HWPO Instruction.


The “planet fitness app to check in” is a good option for those who are looking to track their workouts at the gym. It has a variety of features that make it easy to use and provides some nice functionality.

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