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Worth It: Workout DVDs For The Athletically ChallengedBut whatever. Working out at home is cost-effective, it’s popular, and it’s nothing to be afraid of. So moving on to my next embarrassment: I work out to the Biggest Loser Workout Dvds.

In the inbox last week, we got a Worth It request from a reader who asked for a recommendation for a non-sucky at-home workout DVD. I first thought, “Hey, I know a fuckload about that.” But then I felt a little ashamed of my at-home workouts. I’m one of those people who blushes at the thought of getting all red-faced and sweaty in front of people I know, but am equally humiliated at what mental picture a person might have ‘ this gangly, goofy woman Sweatin’ To The Oldies all by herself ‘ upon learning of my at-home workout secret.

(Did you expect anything less from someone who’s so television-obsessed.) I swear, I’m not some idiot who had never worked out before, someone who just ordered some DVDs based on a TV show. As the secret box in my closet filled with fitness DVDs indicates, I’ve tried them all: from Denise Austin to Women’s Health, Dance-Your-Self-Skinny’s and Cardio Blasts ‘ you name it, I’ve tried it. Thanks to my parents hopping on the exercise bandwagon during my childhood, my knowledge of at-home exercise programs extend back to the 80s ‘ the time when step aerobics and Gilad’s Bodies In Motion reigned supreme in my house. And the Zumbas, Tae Bo, and Eight Minute Abs. Been down that road, too.

A Few of My Favourite Things: Workout DVDs, Sport Supplements ...One of my former employers, Dr Stacy Irvine who owns the gorgeous fitness club and sports medicine clinic Totum Life Science with her husband Tim, wrote an article for the Huffington Post about exercise’s effects on the brain and cited one of my favourite books, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain by John J Ratey (which I mentioned in a previous post). The article and book are a must-read for anyone who uses their brain.

One of my best friends, Zenia Martynkiw, is a phenomenal physiotherapist in Toronto and she gave me this DVD as a gift. I love it, it’s my current go-to Workout. Core Conversion is a Workout developed by the Gray Institute that trains the body in all three planes of motion using different variations of shoulder raises, lunges, squats and push-ups. It’s like nothing you’ve ever done and it’s awesome.

Cutomize Your Dance Workout | Dance Workout DvdsSuper Body Workout by Davina McCall’From presenting many UK shows including Big Brother and The Million Pound Drop, this charismatic and bubbly presenter has now released a fitness DVD. It is a beginners workout which alters between toning and fat burning exercises every few minutes. You constantly switch from low intensity exercises such as side steps, to high intensity sequences like jumps and kicks.

Each workout DVD offers a different program of fitness. Intense workouts involve a lot of high physical activity, such as skipping, squats and jumping, which increases the heart rate and burns fat. However, other DVDs focus on toning and strengthening the muscles. So if you are online, looking up diet recipes and browsing though various Workout Dvds between games of Partypoker with your friends, this blog post will compare two contrasting types of workout, so you can decide which one is for you.

This raises and slows your heart rate every few minutes, which helps you gradually build up stamina. The routine is simple, easy is aimed for people who want a gentle workout.

BabyTone Workout DVDs – Review + Giveaway Winner! | Contest ...Maher is nicknamed ‘America’s Trainer To Moms’ for his specialty of designing these unique Workouts for busy mothers. I think the idea of incorporating your baby into your fitness routine so that it becomes a combination Workout/playtime is a good one; obviously, I don’t have a baby and my knees are shot at the moment, so I figured there would be no way for me to really put these exercises to the test. However, I did pick up an ab exercise that I can do while I recover: In the ‘Tummy Exercises’ section, Maher demonstrates a modified vacuum that can be done while standing still or even sitting at your desk.

‘Babytone DVDs are for those moms who have babies from 2 months to about 20 months. There are 8 short 10 minute Workouts that you can do with your baby. These Workouts solve the problem of not having enough time, and also not wanting to leave your baby alone while you Workout. These Workouts will bring a smile to your face and will provide extra bonding with your baby. There are 2 DVDs as well as an interview with Alecia who is the star of the DVD. She will share her secrets to how she was able to get back into shape so quickly after having her baby. I will also coach you through different stroller exercises and Workouts.’.

I’ve done a version of the vacuum before, per the recommendation of my own personal trainer; you essentially blow out all the air in your lungs and suck in your abs for 5-10 seconds. I tried this while sitting right here writing this post, and I did feel the tension in my abs ‘ he recommends doing this throughout the day whenever you think of it, so I think I’ll give this a try. I’ve been frustrated that my fitness is so stagnated because of my knee injury (Which ironically occurred on a stair machine.), so it’s really cool to see something that I can feasibly do right now. The DVD is really cute, with quick Workouts of 15 minutes or less that are easy to understand. All of the exercises are quick sets that can be performed with your baby, from abs to cardio and even a few stroller exercises. There is also an interview with Alecia, the video’s fitness model mom who was running up steep hills at 8 months pregnant and leaving most other fit, non-pregnant people in her dust ‘ wow.

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