Water… Do I really need so much of it?


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    I was reading on bodybuilding.com that i should be drinking about a gallon of water a day at least.

    I do drink water, but not that much. Reason being, I don’t wanna piss every hour round the clock. It just makes me look like I’m lazy at work, keeping away from my desk.

    So I’m asking… is it reallly important to drink as much water as they say through the day? I could drink loads when I get home instead.

    I probably get about half a gallon each day as it is. Also, could I down a lot of water near the end of the day to make up the amounts. It’s far easier to do at home?



    I drink 3 litters a day and I don’t pee every hour

    I honestly don’t think you need more then that every day….



    It’s something your body eventually gets used to. You’ll probably have 2 or 3 days peeing every 20 minutes or so but after that your bladder will adapt.



    yeah….i totally understand the pee situtation you are talking about…I work in a lab and cant be going to the bathroom all of the time ..i usually carry a water bottle and just take a few sips here and there when i feel thirsty and then with every meal i have 1-2 cups of water…so at the end of my day i have…at very least drank around 6-12 cups. which like the other guy said is just about 1/2 – (a little under one) 1gallon of water per day.

    My drinks are so spaced out that i really dont find I’m pissing 24/7.
    hope this helps.



    Ill tell you what dorian yates says about water…….

    Drink when your thirsty.

    All these people say the say to drink 1 or 2 gallons of water a day to make themselves sound clever, thats all it is



    Ill tell you what dorian yates says about water…….
    Drink when your thirsty

    Ha ha ha !! Love it.

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