I love creatine, but hate the side effects.

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    I’ve just started taking creatine mono. Its really having a drastic effect on my strength so I want to continue using this it, but it’s giving me some really irritating side effects: stomach ache, sleepyness, nausea, head aches, and wind.

    Are there any of these other types of creatine that are easier on the stomach and without these side effects? Also how much creatine should you really use per day? I’ve heard some people say 5 grams and others say 10.



    I had some stomach problems about a year ago and went to the gastro doctor. I thought I wouldn’t be able to take supplements for a good while but i gave it a shot anyway.

    Now i take optimum nutrition micronized monohydrate. I take 5 grams a day for the first 4 weeks of a cycle, then cut it down to 3 grams to stay saturated. Seems to be doing the trick!

    Just make sure you stick between 3-5g and no more.



    No pain no gain mate!



    lol 😀

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