Bulking up the abdominals?

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    I’m currently working on a 6 week bulk plan to build muscle all over my body. I’m really aiming to get a more pronounced core by building my abs up nice and strong. I’ve been doing weighted crunches with a dumbbell, but I’m looking for other ideas on how to shake things up a bit – especially for the lower ab muscles. Any tips appreciated thanks.



    Machines, weighted balls, weighted anything will really give you the really defined abs look.



    I don’t kno if six weeks is long enough. maybe 8 to 12 weeks, it also depends a lot on your diet.

    One thing i love to do are leg lifts on the roman chair. I’m not sure of there exact name. The only thing that’s touching the ground are my glutes, with my feet together in the air while i hold a medicine ball and i twist my body left and right until i feel the burn in my obliques.
    I do reverse crunches on a bench.
    I do scissor kicks which also gives you a v-cut at the hip-flexors.
    My favourite is using a decline bench made for abs and set it on level 5, which is the highest level. This makes me feel as though im gonna slide down if i don’t grab onto the bench. i keep my feet together with my legs bent around 90 degrees and i do reverse crunches. That works the lower abs and obliques.

    All that was just the warm up…after that i do the same but including twists left and then right at the top of each rep.

    hope this helps!



    You tried overhead cable crunches?



    Weighted decline situps and weighted crunch machines. The decline situps will really hit the lower abs, and try superseting with flutter kicks – its intense!




    You could try windshield wipers. They are hard work, but very effective for the lower abs. For your upper abs, you might want to look at weighted machine crunches and lying weighted machine crunches. These are really effective. As are cable rope crunches.



    The only way to get your abs to properly “pop” is to cut your bodyfat percentage. Weighted abdominal exercises are critical no matter whether you’re bulking or cutting. Your abs just wont pop if you have a layer of fat covering them. For a good ab routine try something like this:

    3 exercises, 3-4 sets of each with twists:
    Exercise with heavy weight/low reps (cable crunches, try 3 sets of 8-10. Heavy as you can)
    Exercise with light weight/mid reps (weighted leg raises 3 sets of 12-15 with medium weight)
    Exercise with bodyweight/high reps (the plank, crunches etc 3 sets of 20-25)
    Finish off with 100-150 oblique twists (stand with your feet shoulder width apart and twist side to side using obliques to stop your momentum. this tightens the core and strengthens your obliques)

    Varying the weight used and number of reps will hit all muscle fascias and all of the different layers of the abdominal area. Also, the twists at the end, tighten any loose skin over time. Do this every third workout or so.



    @alexw Amen to that!! That sounds painful. Thanks for the tips I know six weeks doesn’t sound like a long time but I’m taking nearly twice my maintenance calories and i only see this as a semi-bulk. I’m looking to cut down for the summer months.

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