Dumbell Press

Introduction to the Dumbbell Press

Dumbell Press is an alternative to the standard barbell Bench Press. It is good to alternate between Bench Press and exercises like Dumbell Press in order to keep the body guessing, which promotes growth.

Dumbell Press forces each side of the chest to work independently of the other, so you can be sure that one side isn’t over-compensating for the other.

Dumbbell Press Execution

  • Select a suitable weight of dumbell for the exercise. Stand with the dumbells resting just above the knee and sit back onto a flat bench. As you lay back, if you need to, use your legs to help you get the dumbells into the start position.
  • Laying back with a dumbell in each hand and your Triceps parallel to the floor, you are now in the start position.
  • In a controlled movement, push the dumbells up, keeping the forearms vertical all the way. Each dumbell should move through an arc, until they reach the top, when they should meet directly above your chest.
  • Slowly lower the dumbells, back through the same arc, until your Triceps are parallel to the floor.

Dumbell Press Muscles Worked

Dumbell Press - Muscles Worked


Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor.


Triceps Brachii, Biceps brachii, Deltoids.









  • At the top of the movement, squeeze the dumbells together to fully contract the pectorals.
  • Concentrate on keeping the forearms vertical. The closer the wrists are on the upward movement, the more involvement there is from the Triceps, and less from the pectorals.
  • Maintain correct breathing throughout. Exhale as the dumbells are raised, and inhale as they are lowered.

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