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Flexibility Stretches | Kick Start Your Gains

Flexibility Stretches

Tips for Stretching Its sometimes incredible to watch some of the stretches people in the gym do before and after their workouts. I often wonder where they learned to stretch like that, but the truth of the matter is that most people have never learned the correct way to stretch. Here are some tips that …

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The Top 10 Gym Mistakes | Are You Guilty?

Are You Wasting Your Time by Making Gym Mistakes? Are you guilty of making gym mistakes? Are they curbing your progress? I’m sure you’ve all seen some of these before, or maybe you’re guilty of some yourself. These are the top 10 easily avoidable gym mistakes that people make, which, in terms of progress, could …

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Six Pack Exercises – 3 Steps to Awesome Abs

The Six Pack

Where Should I Start? Although a very visual area of the male body, the elusive six pack is not all about looking good. Abs are a core muscle group, and along with the lower back muscles, help to strengthen the back and improve your posture. Back injuries can often occur as a result of having …

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Basics of Bodybuilding


Basics of Bodybuilding – Where to Start? Regardless of your background, starting out in bodybuilding can be a daunting process. The basics of bodybuilding can leave you with an incredible amount to learn, concerning not just training, but also nutrition. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most important basics …

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